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  • The Musketeers (S1)

    From Sunday 30 November at 21:00

    A fresh, contemporary take on the much loved characters and stories, this epic series follows d’Artagnan, Athos, Aramis and Porthos as they fight for justice, for honour, for love and for adventure.

    In a series all about passion, loyalty, heroism and brotherhood, d’Artagnan and the Musketeers face a continuing struggle to maintain order and protect the King and Queen, while outwitting the machinations of the shadowy Cardinal Richelieu as he ruthlessly strives to achieve his vision of a modern France along with his hired assassin, the beautiful but mysterious Milady de Winter.


    All for one...

  • Getting On (S1)

    Tuesdays at 20:00

    Dark, funny, tough and compassionate, this is the story of one ward, in one hospital, in one overlooked corner of the modern health service. But although status isn’t high, moral questions come from all corners.

    Getting On is a comedy of characters doing the best they can in a situation we can all relate to – everyone has an elderly relative, parent, grandparent, and difficult choices are the order of the day. It’s the scene that awaits all of us – whether we like to admit it or not.


    Dark comedy...

  • A Young Doctor's Notebook (S2)

    Sundays at 21:00

    Jon Hamm and Daniel Radcliffe return to star in a second series inspired by the works of Russian novelist Mikhail Bulgakov.

    Revisiting the small village of Muryevo in 1918, we find the young doctor battling an all-consuming morphine addiction. Under the critical gaze of his older self, the young doctor struggles to cope with life in the hospital and the efforts of his medical staff, the Civil War and the distractions of a beautiful young aristocrat, Natasha.


    Soviet medical drama...

  • The Michael McIntyre Chat Show (S1)

    From Sunday 30 November at 22:00

    Popular stand-up comedian Michael McIntyre tries sitting down for a change as he hosts his very own interview show, promising a mix of laughter and audience participation as each week he meets three celebrities to discuss their life and work.

    Guests this series include pop star Lily Allen, Sir David Jason, rapper Tinie Tempah, celebrity cook Nigella Lawson, street magician Dynamo and Strictly Come Dancing’s Sir Bruce Forsyth.


    Chats and laughs...

BBC Lifestyle

  • The House That 100k Built

    Sundays at 17:00

    Architectural journalist and critic Kieran Long and award winning architect Piers Taylor are following self-builders as they take on the biggest gamble of their lives.

    Kieran and Piers will try to help them create the house they've longed for. But all have less than £100k to spend, little or no experience and life savings on the line – it won't be easy.


    Home sweet home...

  • Ramsay's Hotel Hell (S2)

    Mondays at 20:00

    Hotel Hell follows Gordon Ramsay as he travels across America attempting to fix horrid hotels, awful inns and bed and breakfasts where you'd rather not sleep and definitely won't want to eat breakfast.

    As he tries to turn these “No”-tels into successful hotels, Ramsay – in his own inimitable style – will go head-to-head with the owners and staff, raising the tension to maximum capacity. With reputations on the line, one thing is certain: if they can’t meet Gordon’s high standards, they will never check out of Hotel Hell.


    Temper, temper...

  • Big Fat Gypsy Weddings (S3)

    From Sunday 30 November at 21:00

    These three specials give a fascinating insight into the lives of Britain’s travelling communities.

    Ladies' Day at the races is a big date in the Gypsy calendar. This one-off special explores the unique bond between the Travelling community and their horses. My Big Fat Gipsy Christening explores the Traveller and Gypsy community's unique approach toward birth and death, revealing a world with its own strict rules of conduct. And in My Big Fat Gypsy Holiday, we follow Gypsies and Irish Travellers as they prepare for the most amazing trip of their lives.


    Special celebrations...

BBC Knowledge

  • Inside the Animal Mind (S1)

    Sundays at 18:00

    Long-standing theories about how animals think are being overturned. Instead of simplistic attempts to rank animals through IQ, zoologists are exploring the animal mind on a much broader scale.

    This fascinating series explores these breakthroughs through three iconic creatures – dogs, birds and dolphins – and discovers how the origins and causes of animals' cognitive abilities lie in their environment.


    Mind power...

  • My Tattoo Addiction

    Tuesdays at 21:00

    No longer a taboo, for millions of people having a tattoo is the closest they come to owning a unique work of art.

    Funny, eye watering, jaw dropping and uplifting, this documentary explores the world of tattoos, the people who create them, the people who have them and what they say about their lives, why they get them and what they feel about them.


    Tattoo tales...


  • Abadas (S1)

    Weekdays at 7:15

    Join the Abadas, a group of curious and friendly cartoon animals that live in a well-thumbed old book, as they learn all about the world in this lovingly made show for pre-schoolers.

    There’s Hari the hippo, Ela the fox and Seren the bat, all waiting to pop up out of their hardback home and have exciting adventures with the book’s owner Ben. They sing songs, learn new words and have lots of fun in the process. When the Abadas come out to play, life is never dull for long!


    Word play...

  • Q Pootle 5 (S1)

    Daily at 15:20

    Animated adventures following the adventures of a small friendly alien and his friends on the planet Okidoki.

    Everyday experiences are transported to a fantastic intergalactic environment and played out in warm, funny stories. The theme of friendship is central to the show, and throughout the series the exploits of the characters reveal the importance of being kind, tolerant and looking after each other.


    Alien adventures...

BBC World News

  • Focus on Africa

    Weeknights at 19:30

    With news, business and sport from in and around Africa, this daily show delivers compelling coverage of all the issues, achievements, aspirations and challenges shaping an ever-changing continent.


    Bringing Africa to the world, and the world to Africa!

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    Strictly Come Dancing

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