Special Forces - Ultimate Hell Week

Special Forces: Ultimate Hell Week

Mondays at 20:00

In this action-packed series, super fit men and women take on the challenge of their lives when they have to endure 12 days straight of physical and mental endurance, masterminded by some of the world's toughest special forces operatives, to discover who can survive and ultimately win.

Big Blue, Billboard

Big Blue

Sundays at 16:00

Monterey Bay in California hosts one of the biggest and most spectacular wildlife gatherings in the ocean: sea lions, sea birds, sharks and whales, all head to the bay’s bountiful waters. Matt Baker, Liz Bonnin and Steve Backshall uncover the science behind each animal’s remarkable journey.

World News Billboard 2

BBC World News

Live coverage 24/7

Reflecting the BBC’s commitment to global broadcasting, we’re the leaders in global breaking news. BBC World News delivers impartial, in-depth analysis of international news including sport, weather, business, current affairs and documentaries.

Teletubbies, Billboard


Starts Monday 18 July at 19:10

Staying true to the original series Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po still have their loveable, huggable distinctive features but have been subtly updated to cater for today’s pre-schoolers. The Teletubbies now have 21st century Touch Screen Tummies which show beautiful live action films shot from a child’s perspective.