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  • The Graham Norton Show (S15)

    Tuesdays at 21:35

    The irreverent BAFTA award-winning chat show host from the Emerald Isle returns with a new series of The Graham Norton Show.

    Each episode is brim full of chat, comedy, celebrity gossip and general weirdness. And there’s just enough risqué material to make viewers cringe with delight. At the end of each episode, Graham introduces some of the best contemporary music acts to wrap things up and finish the show off with a bang.


    Star-studded conversation…

  • Count Arthur Strong

    Tuesdays at 19:55

    Count Arthur is a confused and muddled one-time variety star who has delusions of grandeur and a jumbled delivery of words.

    Formerly a successful radio series, this TV version slightly deviates in format from the radio premise, with the faded, bumbling thespian joined by a new character called Michael, the son of Arthur’s former stage partner.

    Michael is on a mission to learn more about the double-act Arthur and his late father had, so he can include the stories in the biography he is writing about his dad. Thinking that the 'research' will only take a couple of days, Michael arrives in London, tracks down Arthur and very quickly enters the chaos that is Arthur's world...


    Count on laughs…

  • Would I Lie To You? (S7)

    Tuesdays at 21:00

    Rob Brydon returns as host of the comedy panel show, featuring celebrities trying to bluff their way to victory with stories about themselves that may or may not be true. The aim of the game is to fool the opposition into mistaking fact for fiction and fiction for fact.

    As ever, team captains Lee Mack and David Mitchell are joined by guests from the world of entertainment, including comedians Dara Ó Briain and Rhod Gilbert, Olympian Greg Rutherford, actors Warwick Davies and Charles Dance, and style guru Gok Wan.


    Deceptive fun…

  • Dragons' Den (S11)

    Wednesdays at 20:00

    Evan Davis presents the return of the business ideas contest, and there are two new Dragons in town, as IT industry expert Piers Linney and interior design guru Kelly Hoppen join Peter Jones, Deborah Meaden and Duncan Bannatyne to evaluate pitches from entrepreneurs.

    Standout pitches include an all-American bar snack presented by a crooning Texan cowboy, a yoga franchise, a range of campus fashions devised by a pair of recent graduates and a range of tanning products brought all the way from Australia by two British expats.


    Business matters…

  • Top Gear USA (S4)

    Wednesdays at 21:00

    The new season of Top Gear USA is bigger and faster than ever before, with Tanner, Rutledge and Adam setting themselves cooler and even crazier ways of testing the world’s most incredible vehicles.

    They race from New York to Los Angeles to settle an argument about super cars, attempt a crossing of one of the Great Lakes into Canada in an attempt to prove that cars are better than boats, try to live the millionaire lifestyle on a budget and journey along the Mississippi in classic land-barges. Plus, on a trip back to remote Alaska in home-made convertibles, bears and fire-fighting helicopters get in their way, and an accident strewn motorbike road trip to Sturgess proves that fewer wheels don’t make Adam a better driver.


    Drive time…

  • Call the Midwife (S3)

    Sundays at 21:00

    Based on the memoirs of Jennifer Worth, Call the Midwife follows nurse Jenny Lee and the midwives from Nonnatus House convent, who visit the expectant mothers of Poplar, providing the poorest women with the best possible care.

    At Christmas, when an unexploded World War II bomb is found under a warehouse close to Nonnatus House, the nuns and dozens of local families find themselves homeless. Dr Turner is in a race against time to immunise children against polio, but when the illness strikes closer to home, he finds there’s nothing he can do but hope. And when a Royal visitor comes to the East End, Chummy persuades them to open the new Community Centre. It’s a race against time as Chummy tries to get everything in place for the big day.


    Yesteryear drama that delivers…

BBC Lifestyle

  • Hotel Secrets With Richard E Grant (S1)

    Sundays at 17:00

    Get a taste of the incredible luxury and scandalous history of some of the world’s best hotels in this upmarket travel series presented by award winning actor Richard E Grant.

    Travelling the world, Richard reveals the stories behind the glamorous facades – from bad behaviour and sex scandals, to warring hotel dynasties and the outrageous extravagances of rich and famous guests.


    Hospitality tales…

  • Married in Britain

    Sunday 20 April at 20:00

    In our increasingly diverse society, popular wedding traditions are far from what you would expect.

    This programme provides a portal into the lives of Britain's newest arrivals facing the everyday challenges of establishing a new life in the UK as they prepare for one of the biggest days of their lives.

    We are invited to celebrate a diverse array of customs and cultures as couples embrace their new home while seeking to hold on to familiar traditions. They offer us a fresh look at Britain, sharing their experiences of getting married in one of the most exciting nations in the world.


    Cultural nuptials…

  • Four Weddings (S4)

    From Sunday 27 April at 18:00

    Everyone has a different idea about what the perfect 'big day' should be, whether it's a traditional white wedding, or something altogether more unconventional.

    Battling brides compete to claim a dream honeymoon for the best ceremony. If you thought wedding planning was stressful enough, add the element of competition and stressed out Bridezillas can turn a tad nasty.

    In this series, a self-confessed princess splashes out £35,000 on a Highland fling, sparks fly between a prim-and-proper bride and a heavy-metal rocker at a rugby-themed party, and a teenage bride invites more than 300 guests to her traditional traveller wedding.


    Competitive brides…

  • Don't Tell the Bride (S6)

    From Sunday 27 April at 19:00

    Couples are given cash to help them create the wedding of their dreams. But there's a catch – the bride and groom can't see each other for the month leading up to the nuptials, and the groom has to plan the whole wedding in secret.

    The bride will try on her dress hours before she wears it down the aisle, and she'll view the reception venue and meal when she arrives with the rest of her guests.

    In this series, Henpecked Welsh groom Ben stands up to his fiancée, Mark plans to have his wedding ceremony in the middle of a 20,000-strong music festival and Space-geek Anthony tries to give his fashionista fiancée Holly the wedding of her dreams.


    Secret weddings…

  • Celebrity MasterChef (S5)

    Tuesdays at 20:00

    Chef and restaurateur John Torode and food writer and ingredients expert Gregg Wallace embark on another search for top cooking talent among 20 celebrities.

    All are passionate cooks and competent in their own kitchens, but not all of them will shine when they are forced out of their comfort zone and pushed to their limit with gruelling challenges.

    An athlete, an actor, a TV presenter, a politician’s wife... who will win the coveted crown of Celebrity MasterChef 2010?


    Cooking for glory…

  • Our Lives: Strictly Kosher (S1 & S2)

    Sundays at 20:00

    Told through the words of three distinct families from different parts of the religious spectrum, this entertaining and heart-warming documentary delves into modern Jewish culture.

    As the colourful families open their homes, this programme provides a fresh and entertaining perspective on everything from circumcisions to food in a kaleidoscope of tradition, religion and extravagance.


    Jewish living…

BBC Knowledge

  • Brain Doctors (S1)

    From Monday 21 April at 22:00

    This programme features the skilled surgeons who make high-risk and difficult decisions about the breathtakingly complex brain. These are surgeons working at the very frontiers of their medical expertise and knowledge.

    Cameras follow both paediatric and adult surgeons in John Radcliffe Hospital’s Neurosurgery Department as they carry out high-risk operations on the body’s most complex, delicate and important organ, removing brain tumours, correcting brain abnormalities and saving the lives of trauma victims.


    Medical frontline…

  • Make Me White

    From Tuesday 22 April at 21:00

    Skin lightening is a global big business. The market for cosmetics to lighten darker skin is reported to be worth millions – and journalist Anita Rani is on a journey to find out why.

    Anita explores the pressures within the Asian community that lead a growing number of people to want to ‘lighten up’, and reveals that illegal cosmetics are available under the counter in Asian and Afro-Caribbean shops up and down the country. She takes a hard look at the businesses that make money on the promise of lightening dark skin, and tackles the cosmetic distributors and lifestyle magazines that promote and advertise skin lightening products. Finally, Anita tests one of the legal leading brand skin lightening products for herself. Will it work?


    The skin shade business…

  • Dragons' Den (S10)

    From Friday 25 April at 22:00

    Entrepreneurs pitch bold new ideas and inventions to five hard-nosed multimillionaires, the Dragons: Duncan Bannatyne, Hilary Devey, Peter Jones, Deborah Meaden and Theo Paphitis.

    They must convince one or more of the Dragons to invest a specific amount of their own money – or they fail. If a pitch impresses the Dragons, they negotiate aggressively to own the biggest possible share in the venture in exchange for their cash.

    Ideas brought to the table include an interactive game played in a urinal, innovatively designed children’s backpacks and a new concept for the camping industry.


    Pitching for gold…

  • Embarrassing Bodies (S6)

    Mondays at 21:00

    Embarrassing Bodies takes a startling look at the nation’s most uncomfortable ailments.

    Desperate for some much needed medical attention are a brand new blushing array of highly embarrassed patients, all suffering from visually shocking and personally mortifying conditions.

    In this series, the doctors visit the holiday hot spot Magaluf, where there’s been a 132% rise in hospital cases due to 24-7 partying and sexual promiscuity. They also visit Caerphilly in Wales, where a woman has been hiding a secret pain, and Bristol, where one poor patient suffers from excessive body hair.


    Ailment central…

  • Top Gear (S21)

    Thursdays at 21:00

    Jeremy, Richard and James are back, with a brand new series of motor madness.

    Highlights include the team embarking on a road trip across Ukraine in three small cars (with even smaller engines) and re-living the glory days of the 1980s.


    Motor madness…

  • Factomania

    Thursdays at 22:00

    Want to know why there are dinosaurs in your garden, how Vikings were the world’s first metrosexuals, why two thousand strains of bacteria live in your belly button, how beer is the bedrock of civilisation and how to build a hoverboard?

    Hosts Dominic Byrne (Mr Curious), Fran Scott (Bold Experimentalist) and Greg Foot (Daredevil Scientist) reveal the world’s most incredible facts through explosive experiments, amazing animated tales and strange stunts.

    Factomania really will help you get your facts straight!


    Factual revelations...


  • Nina and the Neurons: Earth Explorers

    Weekdays at 08:25 and 16:20

    Super scientist Nina and her young Explorers travel the world in search of the Earth’s natural wonders.

    With the help of Nina’s five animated sense Neurons, they explain why the world around us looks like it does. ‘How are mountains formed?’, ‘Why do astronauts float in space?’ and ‘Why do we have night and day?’ are just some of the questions Nina and her Neurons answer as they find out about planet Earth and the spectacular Solar System.


    Science for young ones…

BBC World News

  • Focus on Africa

    Weeknights at 19:30

    With news, business and sport from in and around Africa, this daily show delivers compelling coverage of all the issues, achievements, aspirations and challenges shaping an ever-changing continent.


    Bringing Africa to the world, and the world to Africa!

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  • Factomania


    Thursdays at 22:00 on BBC Knowledge

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