BBC Entertainment

  • Top Gear's Ambitious But Rubbish (S1)

    Wednesdays at 20:00

    Top Gear has never shied away from trying to answer questions no one has even thought to ask. Questions like "Can you make a convertible people carrier?", "Can you cross the Channel in a pick-up?" and "Can you turn a combine harvester into a snow plough?"

    See how some of these crazy ideas become reality, from building a caravan airship to reliving the team's attempt to cross the English Channel in home-made amphibious cars.

    Take a terrifying glimpse into the minds of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. Don't say you weren't warned...


    Ingenious invention...

  • MasterChef (S10)

    Mondays at 20:00

    It's the contest that's launched culinary careers and inspired amateur cooks everywhere – now the search begins again for another MasterChef champion.

    The popular series is packed with tension, tears and raw talent as 60 contestants initially line up in the famous MasterChef kitchen to try and make it through to the final.

    As they battle through the heats in the hope of avoiding elimination, which of these amateur cooks will impress the judges and carry off the coveted MasterChef title?


    Culinary contests...

  • Ramsay's Hotel Hell (S2)

    Mondays at 21:00

    Hotel Hell follows Gordon Ramsay as he travels across America attempting to fix horrid hotels, awful inns and bed & breakfasts where you'd rather not sleep and definitely won't want to eat breakfast.

    With reputations on the line, one thing is certain: if they can’t meet Gordon’s high standards, they will never check out of Hotel Hell.


    Temper, temper...

  • Endeavour (S2)

    From Friday 26 September at 20:00

    It’s 1966, and DC Endeavour Morse is back on the case after an extended leave of absence. It won’t be an easy return to duty, and Morse will face four new mysteries to unravel, each of which will test him to his limits.

    Suicides, secret societies, ancient artefacts going missing and a mystery around stolen wedding rings – for Endeavour Morse, it’s all just a part of the job.


    Mystery drama...

  • Pramface (S1)

    From Tuesday 30 September at 20:00

    A heartwarming comedy following two unexpected and unlikely young parents-to-be as they try, and frequently fail, to negotiate family, sex and what happens once nine months is up…

    With meddling parents, hormonally driven friends, first jobs, money and university all thrown into disarray by this unplanned pregnancy, it's going to be quite the nine-month marathon for these two entangled teens.


    Heartwarming comedy...

BBC Lifestyle

  • The Great British Bake Off (S4)

    Tuesdays at 20:00

    A new batch of baking hopefuls take on tricky tasks and battle it out to be crowned The Great British Bake Off champion, all under the watchful gaze of judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood.

    This series, the contestants must show a huge variety of skills, from producing amazing angel food cakes, to creating deceptively difficult fruit pies and a savoury picnic pie.


    Going for gastronomic gold…

  • Jamie and Jimmy's Food Fight Club (S1)

    Wednesdays at 20:00

    Mates since childhood, Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty pair up to open a pop-up café on Southend pier. They also take to the continent to pit the best of British food against Europe's finest.

    There's some tasty cooking from Jamie, a bit of foodie science from Jimmy, and a lot of laughs with some special friends, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Gary Barlow, Alan Carr and Jonathan Ross.


    Food fights...

  • The Only Way Is Essex (S7)

    Sundays at 22:00

    The extroverts of Essex return for a seventh series without Lauren Goodger, who bade a tearful farewell in August.

    Naturally, there are no guarantees in this alternative universe where 'scripted reality' is filmed just days before broadcast.

    The only thing we can be sure of is that come rain, shine or vajazzle, this show will be as inane and addictive as ever.


    Keeping it reem...

  • The Incredible Spice Men (S1)

    Tuesdays at 21:00

    Chefs Tony Singh and Cyrus Todiwala want to transform the way British dishes are cooked at home. The two old friends believe Britain has some of the best produce in the world but think we are missing a trick when it comes to cooking with spices.

    In Hastings, they spice up some locally caught fish, and in Somerset, Cyrus's exceptional gammon with cider and cinnamon the cider is infused with cinnamon sticks, red chilli and coriander seeds.

    Prepare to spice up your life...


    Spicy culinary delights...

  • Don't Just Stand There...I'm Having Your Baby (S2)

    From Sunday 21 September at 19:00

    This programme brings men closer to the delivery action than ever before. The dads-to-be are going to be trained up by midwives – so that when push comes to shove, they’ll be counting contractions, feeling the baby’s position, telling Mum when to push, helping their newborn emerge and cutting the all important umbilical cord.

    They’ve got only eight weeks to prove to their partners, their midwives and themselves that they’ve got what it takes to go from clueless lad to clued-up dad. Are they up to the job? This is the ultimate challenge for men about to become fathers.


    Daddy dramas...

BBC Knowledge

  • Dragon's Den (S11)

    Fridays at 22:00

    Evan Davis presents the return of the business ideas contest, and there are two new Dragons in town, as IT industry expert Piers Linney and interior design guru Kelly Hoppen join Peter Jones, Deborah Meaden and Duncan Bannatyne to evaluate pitches from entrepreneurs.

    In series 11, some of the standout proposals include an all-American bar snack presented by a crooning Texan cowboy, a yoga franchise, a range of campus fashions devised by a pair of recent graduates and a range of tanning products brought all the way from Australia by two British expats.


    Enter the dragons...

  • Embarrassing Bodies: From the Clinic (S2)

    Mondays at 21:00

    The Embarrassing Bodies doctors return, educating patients about their medical conditions from the comfort of their own homes. Using cutting-edge technology, the team of doctors, including Dr Christian Jessen and Dr Dawn Harper, alongside a variety of specialist consultants, provide patients with on-the-spot consultations, advice and even diagnoses.

    In series two, Dr Christian investigates how a cancerous kidney is dissected, a group of men dedicated to promoting early detection of testicular cancer join the doctors in the studio for a testicle check and Dr Dawn meets three ladies who went through an early menopause.


    Don't be shy....

  • Traffic Cops (S6)

    Thursdays at 22:00

    Traffic Cops provides an insight into the day-to-day role of a traffic officer and the dangerous, bizarre and often unbelievable incidents they come across on Britain’s roads.

    In series six, the taser is used on the streets of Humberside for the first time and a man escapes death after crashing his car, but lands in trouble with the traffic cops. Also, the traffic cops deal with adolescent car thieves – some as young as 13.


    The laws of the road...

  • Undercover Boss USA (S5)

    Fridays at 21:00

    Undercover Boss USA returns for a new series, following high level corporate executives as they slip anonymously into the lowest level jobs within their companies.

    Once undercover, they get their hands dirty with the rank and file, find out what their employees really think of them, and discover how smoothly – or not – their companies are run. In the process, these senior executives learn about themselves, the perception of their company, and the morale of their work force.


    Covert corporations...


  • Old Jack's Boat (S2)

    Weekdays at 18:00

    A retired fisherman called Old Jack, who lives in a little village on the North Yorkshire coast, tells tall stories from inside his old fishing boat.

    Helped along by a cast of colourful characters and his faithful dog Salty, Old Jack (Bernard Cribbins) is aided by live action and animation which allows him to wander along the seabed, visit tropical islands and fly high up in the air on balloons.


    Sea tales...

  • Show Me Show Me (S5)

    Weekdays at 09:35

    At the top of a tower block, presenters Chris and Pui await in a bright and beautiful new playroom. All children need to do for a magical play date is enter the lift, press the button and begin a musical journey to the top floor. There they’ll find a place alive with vibrant colours and amazing decor. It’s a special place for stories, adventures and discovering the world – and who knows who will be next to arrive in the lift?

    Intimate and imaginative, Show Me Show Me finds adventure in everyday objects as it connects with children at home and encourages them to join in and learn new things while playing.


    It's play time...

BBC World News

  • Focus on Africa

    Weeknights at 19:30

    With news, business and sport from in and around Africa, this daily show delivers compelling coverage of all the issues, achievements, aspirations and challenges shaping an ever-changing continent.


    Bringing Africa to the world, and the world to Africa!

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