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  • Death in Paradise (S3)

    Fridays at 20:00

    Bringing a dose of sunshine back to the small screen, Death in Paradise returns for more impossible murders on the beautiful Caribbean island of Saint Marie.

    The series opens with the shocking murder of DI Richard Poole, an event that heralds the arrival of new detective DI Humphrey Goodman, who is quite unlike his predecessor. Disorganised and gawky, Humphrey’s rather bumbling and accident-prone ways mean he doesn’t make the greatest first impression on Camille, Fidel and Dwayne, who are battling their grief for their friend as well trying to catch his killer.

    All dishevelled British charm, but with a razor-sharp insight into crime solving, can Humphrey win the team round and prove he’s the man for the job?


    Tropical crime…

  • Mr Selfridge (S2)

    From Sunday 27 July at 21:00

    It's 1914, and for the American entrepreneur Harry Gordon Selfridge, business at his world famous Selfridge & Co. department store on London's Oxford Street is booming.

    As the store celebrates its fifth year of trading, rumours of a coming war in Europe are gathering pace. Harry tries to prepare his staff for the potential changes ahead, while making sure his profits stay high. If war does arrive, he knows the business must do its bit on the home front, and work to keep British morale high.

    Dark days lay ahead for both the business and the nation, but Harry is determined to see them out with his trademark flair and passion.


    Retail drama…

  • Deal or No Deal (S4)

    From Thursday 31 July at 17:30

    This hit game show features 22 players, one of whom could win up to £250,000. There are 22 sealed boxes, but only one question: deal or no deal?

    The chosen contestant picks one box that potentially contains their prize. They then spend the duration of the show opening the remaining boxes, one by one, revealing the money they contain. The aim is to try and pick boxes that contain the lowest amounts of money, adding hope that their box contains a high amount of money and in turn provoking The Banker to offer them a better deal. If a contestant chooses to accept a deal, the game is played out in exactly the same way to determine whether they dealt at the correct moment, or could have walked away with more cash.


    The game is on…

  • Big School (S1)

    Tuesdays at 19:55

    Chemistry teacher Mr Church is in his 40s, unsuccessful both in love and in engaging 30 teenage kids in his madcap experiments. Everything changes when enthusiastic French teacher Miss Postern joins the school, desperate to bring the romance and poetry of French culture to her pupils, despite having never actually been to France.

    Mr Church soon falls hopelessly in love. But with own social awkwardness, the competing attentions of would-be lothario PE teacher Mr Gunn and the degenerate nature of other staff – irreverent headmistress Ms Baron, nosey drama teacher Mrs Klebb, pessimistic geography teacher Mr Barber and wannabe rock star music teacher Mr Martin – will Mr Church ever get his femme fatale?


    Teaching comedy…

BBC Lifestyle

  • Chefs – Put Your Money Where Your Mouth is (S2)

    Mondays at 11:05

    Celebrity chefs compete against each other in the toughest test they've ever faced – whether it is cooking a three-course menu at a top class restaurant, a gastro pub or a trucker's café.

    But there's a twist – for the final dessert course the diners will be invited to pay as much as they think the dish is worth, meaning that the winning chef won’t be decided until the very end.


    Cook offs…

  • Sun, Sex & Suspicious Parents: Thailand (S4)

    Sundays at 21:00

    Teenagers and 20-somethings head for Thailand to take their first summer holiday abroad without their parents, who are secretly watching everything that unfolds.

    There will be buckets of booze, lady boys, pole dancing and debauchery galore. But how will they react when they discover that mum and dad have seen everything?


    Watchful folks…

  • The Great British Sewing Bee (S1)

    From Sunday 27 July at 18:00

    Amateur sewers take on challenges as they compete to be named Britain's best home sewer.

    They complete the challenges under the watchful eye of judges May Martin from the Women's Institute and Savile Row's Patrick Grant, who will scrutinise the sewers' every stitch as they look out for puckering seam lines and perfect top stitching.

    Presenter Claudia Winkleman guides the crafty competitors through the tasks, which utilise many different skills – from being able to create a made-to measure dress, to making a silk blouse.


    Needle work…

  • The Great British Bake Off (S4)

    From Tuesday 29 July at 20:00

    A new batch of baking hopefuls take on tricky tasks and battle it out to be crowned The Great British Bake Off champion, all under the watchful gaze of judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood.

    This series, the contestants must show a huge variety of skills, from producing amazing angel food cakes, to creating deceptively difficult fruit pies and a savoury picnic pie.


    Going for gastronomic gold…

  • Save with Jamie (S1)

    From Wednesday 30 July at 20:00

    Jamie Oliver returns with the goal of helping the nation shop smart and waste less food.

    As wallets around the country come under more and more financial pressure, Jamie shows us how to make healthy, tasty food on a budget. Drawing on his years of cooking experience, he reveals how to shop economically and make the very most of everything that you buy, saving precious time and preventing wasted food.

    When Jamie gets into the kitchen, there are no compromises. He seeks out big flavours and comfort food that bring smiles to people's faces, and for a price that makes them smile even longer!


    Economical bites…

  • The Only Way is Essex (S6)

    Sundays at 22:00

    The BAFTA-winning TOWIE is back for a sixth glam series of break ups, make ups and naughty goings on.

    Arg and Gemma are getting closer, even though Gemma is worried about his controlling ways. Things take a turn for the worst when she confides in Lydia and Arg overhears. Bobby is confiding in Lydia as well, revealing his true feelings for Charlie.

    Elsewhere Joey holds an 80s-themed birthday party and goes house hunting for the perfect first home with Sam.

    In Essex, life is never dull!


    Lip gloss and drama…

BBC Knowledge

  • Undercover Boss Canada (S4)

    Fridays at 21:00

    CEOs from ten of Canada’s biggest corporations go incognito and stealthily join the ranks of their own unsuspecting workforce to discover more about the effects their decisions have on others, the perception of the company and the unsung heroes of their workforce.

    Highlights include Executive Director of Food Banks Canada helping out in the soup kitchens to see how she can best support the company’s 800 facilities, and the President of Pizza Nova Domenic Primucci going undercover to find out how the business can improve during a period of expansion in a highly competitive environment.


    Back to the floor…

  • Expedition Burma

    Sundays at 18:00

    Burma has been closed off to the world for over five decades. Now, for the first time, a team of scientists and wildlife filmmakers has been allowed access to explore this uncharted wilderness.

    From the mountains of western Burma to the tangled jungles of the north, they trek through the undergrowth and place camera traps in the mountains to try and capture some of the elusive animals said to live here.

    Can they find enough evidence to help ensure these vitally important habitats remain untouched for the future?


    Wildlife mission…

  • Embarrassing Bodies: Changing Sex

    Monday 28 July at 22:00

    Doctor Christian Jessen spends time with two women hoping to take the ultimate step to achieve the body they want most – gender reassignment surgery.

    Both women tell very personal stories of what it is like to prepare for such an extreme and dramatic change, and what led them to make the choice to do so. They speak of love and of bullying, of butchery abroad and of complex and invasive surgeries.

    The programme then catches up with them a year after to discover how their lives have changed.


    From women to men…

  • Life and Death Row

    From Wednesday 30 July at 21:00

    Going inside prison walls and meeting America’s youngest death row inmates, this compelling documentary series discovers what it’s like to live with the threat of the death chamber.

    Following the trials, appeals and ultimately executions of inmates, the films also meet the people the headlines generally ignore: the young siblings, sons and daughters of victims and defendants alike. All are forced to confront death on an agonising journey through the capital punishment system.

    These are not just stories packed full of unfolding drama, jeopardy and intense emotion, but real life tales that provoke fundamental questions about justice, the right to life and the right to kill.


    Capital punishment…

  • Hunt vs Lauda

    Thursday 31 July at 21:00

    Relive the duel for the 1976 Formula 1 championship between James Hunt and Niki Lauda.

    Could swashbuckling Hunt catch the scientific Niki Lauda? Could Niki overcome an appalling crash to come back from the dead and fight James all the way to the last race of the season?

    Using unseen footage and exclusive interviews, this documentary tells the story of Formula 1’s greatest rivals through the people who were really there – the team managers, families, journalists and friends who were in the front row of the season that changed Formula 1 forever.


    F1 history...


  • Grandpa in My Pocket (S4)

    Daily at 17:45

    Join Grandpa and his family in the beautiful seaside town of Sunnysands.

    Everyone thinks he spends all his time stuck in his armchair, but Grandpa has a magic shrinking cap that only his grandson Jason knows about. When Grandpa puts his cap on, he becomes small enough to fit into Jason's pocket, not to mention his toy plane and car.

    Grandpa and Jason make a great team and have a host of hilarious adventures.


    Fun adventures for little ones…

  • Teletubbies (S13)

    Daily at 06:00 & 14:00

    Join Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa Laa and Po in a whole new series of adventures.

    Based on a fundamental understanding of how bright colours, compelling stories and fun games can help very young children develop essential skills, Teletubbies makes learning exciting, engaging and lots of fun for pre-schoolers.


    Magical learning for youngsters...

  • Dinopaws (S1)

    Weekdays at 11:05 & 15:05

    Dinopaws follows three very inquisitive dinosaurs on a mighty mission to go everywhere that can be gone, see everything that can be seen, feel everything that can be felt and do everything that can be done!

    Combining colourful animation with stimulating storytelling and charming characters, this series is a magical programme for pre-schoolers who, like the Dinopaws, are exploring the world they live in for the first time and discovering exciting new experiences, objects, places and feelings every day.


    Dinosaur adventures…

BBC World News

  • Focus on Africa

    Weeknights at 19:30

    With news, business and sport from in and around Africa, this daily show delivers compelling coverage of all the issues, achievements, aspirations and challenges shaping an ever-changing continent.


    Bringing Africa to the world, and the world to Africa!

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