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Where can I watch EastEnders?

As part of its evolution to become bigger, better and broader, BBC Brit is delighted to bring the hugely popular British soap EastEnders to DStv (channel 120) from 19 June, weeknights at 18.30, enabling it to reach a bigger audience.

Can I watch Holby City on BBC Africa?

We are delighted to announce that long-running medical soap Holby City has returned to screens in South Africa and can be seen on Mondays at 19.00, on premium drama channel BBC First.

The trials and tribulations of Holby’s medical and ancilliary staff continue to cause high drama on Keller Ward, as well as in their personal lives.

Popular characters Jac Naylor, Ric Griffin and Henrik Hanssen are still reigning the corridors of the hospital and series 18 introduces us to new characters including ex-military medic Bernie Wolfe and F1 trainee Jasmine Burrows, who also happens to be Jac’s half-sister

Will there be a third series of The Great South African Bake Off and I can apply to be a contestant?

Applications for the third series of The Great South African Bake Off have now closed.

The series has not yet been scheduled, but we will update viewers as information becomes available.

When can we see a new series of QI?

We are delighted to confirm that the very latest series of QI – featuring Sandi Toksvig in the host’s chair – will premiere on BBC Brit from Friday 23rd June.

Can you tell us about upcoming drama premieres on BBC First?

We are delighted to announce a number of exciting new series for BBC First from July onwards.

Wednesday 12th July sees the premiere of true crime drama In Plain Sight, followed by the second series of comedy drama The Durrells from Sunday 23rd July.

Thriller Born To Kill will premiere from Wednesday 2nd August.

What are the broadcast hours for BBC First?

BBC First is available from 18:00 to 00:00am daily.

Can you advise on the availability of BBC First in Africa?

BBC First is available in Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The decision regarding the availability of BBC First was taken by Multichoice’s Africa division.

For further information about your subscription or this decision you may like to contact DStv direct.

Can I be a contestant in Come Dine With Me South Africa?

Come Dine With Me South Africa was a huge hit and we are very proud of the series. There are no plans to produce a further season. We feel the time is right to seek new opportunities for a fresh, innovative local format for audiences to enjoy. We are actively looking at a number of opportunities and we are committed to investing in the very best quality programming for our channels.

Why isn’t BBC Earth available to DStv subscribers outside of South Africa?

This was a decision taken by Multichoice’s Africa division.

It was felt that our other channels would have the strongest resonance with African audiences against healthy local competition.

For further information about your subscription or this decision you may like to contact DStv direct.

I am experiencing problems watching the channels – what can I do?

If you are experiencing technical problems with any of our channels, please contact your operator first. If they are unable to help, please get in touch with us. In order to investigate the problem for you fully, we will need details of the dates and times at which the problem occurred, the name of the programme and the channel you are watching.

Will the new channels be in SD or HD?

BBC Earth will be in HD, all other channels will be in SD

Will BBC Brit be showing The Graham Norton Show, series 21?

A brand new series of The Graham Norton Show can be seen on Tuesdays at 21:00 on BBC Brit.

I am having problems viewing programmes in the new widescreen aspect ratio – do you have any technical advice?

As some of our content was filmed in 4:3, these shows will remain in that format now that we have converted to widescreen, and may appear with black bars at the sides of the picture. This is so the content is not stretched or squashed.

If your satellite or cable receiver is connected to a widescreen television, we would recommend setting the output to widescreen/16:9 so that the picture is the correct shape without the appearance of being stretched horizontally or squashed vertically. If your satellite or cable receiver is connected to a 4:3 television, we would recommend setting the output to either ‘4:3 Centre Cut Out’ or ‘letterbox’ mode, which will ensure the picture is the correct shape with either the middle of the widescreen picture shown filling the non-widescreen television, or as a letterbox (black bars at top and bottom), allowing you to see all of the widescreen picture.

In addition, some television sets also have options to zoom or auto-stretch pictures. We recommend selection widescreen/16:9 for widescreen television sets to preserve the correct picture shape. You may choose to stretch or zoom that picture to fill the whole screen, according to your personal preference.

Where can I buy a DVD of a BBC programme?

Whilst not all of the programmes which you see on our channels are commercially available, you may like to check DVD availability with online or local retailers.

Can I obtain a DVD of a programme for educational or training purposes?

Possibly – it depends on many things, including copyright restrictions, but it is sometimes possible to arrange for legitimate educational establishments to obtain a copy. For more information, please refer to the BBC Active website.

I would really like to work for the BBC – how do I find out about employment opportunities?

For general information, advice and the latest vacancies, please visit BBC Worldwide Careers.

Are your channels available online through this website or elsewhere?

Our international channels are not currently available online, but there are many clips available to view on this website, as well as games and other exciting features.

Permission to licence a clip from a BBC programme?

For information about licensing clips from BBC programmes please refer to the BBC Motion Gallery

Why can’t I watch programme clips on the website?

Much of the content on the website is aimed at UK users, so we negotiate rights to include video, audio, images and other types of content for the UK only. World rights are much more expensive, but we are hoping to make more audio and visual content available to our international audiences.

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