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EastEnders on BBC Brit?

In light of the spread of Covid-19 and advice from the UK Government, filming on EastEnders was postponed in March 2020. After the broadcast of the last available episode on Tuesday 30th June, the series has taken a break on BBC Brit, as it has done in the UK.

EastEnders returned to BBC Brit on Monday 28th September at 17:30.

BBC First South Africa Closure

BBC Studios advises viewers that its premium drama channel BBC FIRST (DStv channel 119) will not be renewed when the current carriage agreement with Multichoice ends. From 1 September 2020, the channel will no longer be available on the DStv platform.

We would like to thank viewers for their support of BBC FIRST over the past five years and understand that subscribers will be disappointed to lose a dedicated channel for premium drama series with hundreds of new programming hours each year. BBC BRIT will continue to offer a selection of drama series as part of its programing mix and we are seeking new opportunities that will allow us to continue to bring drama fans even more of what they love.

We have operated BBC branded channels on the DStv platform for over 20 years and remain committed to bringing our viewers the very best programming from the BBC and leading UK production houses such as the new series of Top Gear, Strictly Come Dancing, and A Perfect Planet. Viewers who are concerned about changes in their channels line up should contact DStv directly.

How do I contact you and what happens to my feedback?

Here at BBC Studios we love hearing what you think about our programmes, channels and services and receiving your enquiries. If you can’t find an answer here in our FAQs please send us details of your question or feedback and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please bear in mind that sometimes it is necessary to make investigations before we can answer your feedback fully. Therefore, it may take us a little longer to provide you with a comprehensive answer. However all feedback, requesting a reply, is responded to within 10 working days.

The feedback we receive is added to a monthly report that is widely circulated within BBC Studios. So please get in touch and tell us what you think about our programmes, channels and services. For more information on how to contact us, please visit our Contact Page

I would really like to work for BBC Studios or one of your shows – how do I find out about employment opportunities?

For general information, as well as advice and the latest vacancies, please visit BBC Studios Careers.

Many of the programmes you see on our channels are produced by independent production companies, and you may also like to get in touch with them directly. Production company details are widely available online.

Why isn’t BBC Earth available to DStv subscribers outside of South Africa?

This was a decision taken by Multichoice’s Africa division.

It was felt that our other channels would have the strongest resonance with African audiences against healthy local competition.

For further information about your subscription or this decision you may like to contact DStv direct.

I am experiencing problems watching the channels – what can I do?

If you are experiencing technical problems with any of our channels, please contact your operator first. If they are unable to help, please get in touch with us. In order to investigate the problem for you fully, we will need details of the dates and times at which the problem occurred, the name of the programme and the channel you are watching.

Are your channels in SD or HD?

BBC Earth and BBC First are broadcast in HD. Other channels are currently broadcast in SD, but we are always looking at ways to improve our services.

I am experiencing problems with the aspect ratio of some programmes – do you have any technical advice?

As some of our content was filmed in 4:3, these shows will remain in that format now that we have converted to widescreen, and may appear with black bars at the sides of the picture. This is so the content is not stretched or squashed.

If your satellite or cable receiver is connected to a widescreen television, we would recommend setting the output to widescreen/16:9 so that the picture is the correct shape without the appearance of being stretched horizontally or squashed vertically. If your satellite or cable receiver is connected to a 4:3 television, we would recommend setting the output to either ‘4:3 Centre Cut Out’ or ‘letterbox’ mode, which will ensure the picture is the correct shape with either the middle of the widescreen picture shown filling the non-widescreen television, or as a letterbox (black bars at top and bottom), allowing you to see all of the widescreen picture.

In addition, some television sets also have options to zoom or auto-stretch pictures. We recommend selection widescreen/16:9 for widescreen television sets to preserve the correct picture shape. You may choose to stretch or zoom that picture to fill the whole screen, according to your personal preference.

Where can I buy a DVD of a BBC programme?

Whilst not all of the programmes you see on our channels are commercially available, you may like to check DVD availability with online or local retailers. It is not possible to order DVDs or programme merchandise directly from us.

Can I obtain a DVD of a programme for educational or training purposes?

Possibly, it depends on a number of factors, including copyright restrictions, but it is sometimes possible for legitimate academic establishments to obtain copies of programmes for educational use. For more information, please contact BBC Studios Learning

Are your channels available online through this website or elsewhere?

We do not currently offer online viewing or streaming services directly to viewers, but you may like to contact our distribution partner in Africa, DStv, to discuss how you can recieve our channels.

Can I use a clip from a BBC programme?

For information about licensing clips from BBC programmes please refer to the BBC Motion Gallery

Why can’t I watch programme clips on the website?

Much of the content on the website is aimed at UK users, so we negotiate rights to include video, audio, images and other types of content for the UK only. World rights are much more expensive, but we are hoping to make more audio and visual content available to our international audiences.

Can't find what you're looking for? Please send us a message via the Contact page.