CDWM SA - Ep.3 - JT - Dessert

JT's Retro Carrot & Pineapple Bliss


Serves: 4 people

Preparation time: 45 min

  • 1 medium tin crushed pineapples
  • 2 large carrots
  • 250 ml fresh cream
  • 1 pkt lemon/pineapple jelly powder
  • fresh mint, finely chopped
  • 125 ml condensed milk
  • 1 tsp agar agar powder (V)
  • 1 artificial sweetener (V)
  • 50 ml coconut cream (V)

Preparation method

  • Drain the crushed pineapple and add to bowl.
  • Finely grate carrots and add to bowl.
  • Make up jelly as per instructions but remove 250ml from the cold liquids.
  • Add jelly mix to the bowl, then condensed milk, fresh cream and mint.


  • Dissolve 1/4 tsp agar agar powder in 1 tbsp hot water, set aside for 5 min.
  • Transfer agar agar mix to a small saucepan and bring to boil. Keep boiling for 1 min to activate the agar agar.
  • Pour into a separate (V) mixture and mix well, then add coconut cream and mix.
  • Scoop mixture into moulds or dessert glasses and place in fridge to set. Allow at least 4 hrs to set firmly.
  • Decorate with mint leaves on the side, then serve.