Hell's Kitchen USA

Hell's Kitchen USA S11

Multi-award-winning British chef Gordon Ramsay returns with the eleventh series of his US cooking competition.

This year there are more contestants than ever before as 20 aspiring chefs have signed up to take on the gruelling challenge – but only one of them can go all the way. At stake is the head chef position at Gordon Ramsay Pub and Grill at the world-famous Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas.

Each week, the no-nonsense chef puts the competing cooks to the test with a host of physical and mental challenges, as well as the regular culinary tasks which lead to an elimination each week. Gordon's high standards and tough talking attitude often lead to high drama and confrontation as the assembled chefs struggle to keep up.

Which of the 20 hopefuls has enough gastronomic flair – along with the ability to work under pressure – to finally impress chef Ramsay and cook their way to the top?

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Series 16, Episode 1

BBC Lifestyle

In the first episode of the series, chef Gordon Ramsay welcomes his new recruits on the grounds of a U.S. Army training facility. 1/16

Series 16, Episode 2

BBC Lifestyle

The contestants race in the first annual Crepe Grand Prix challenge for the chance to win a luxurious dining experience on a yacht in Santa Barbara. 2/16

Series 16, Episode 3

BBC Lifestyle

Tensions run high in the house as the teams face their next challenge. 3/16

Series 16, Episode 4

BBC Lifestyle

The contestants compete in a surf and turf protein relay for the chance to win a day of surfing at the Wavehouse in San Diego. 4/16

Series 16, Episode 5

BBC Lifestyle

A shocking elimination forces both teams to regroup and chart a new course as they take on the Seven Seas Seafood Challenge. 5/16

Series 16, Episode 6

BBC Lifestyle

The remaining contestants take part in an Ingredient Crossword Challenge. The next task is 'Family Night' where child-friendly items must be incorporated. 6/16

Series 16, Episode 7

BBC Lifestyle

The remaining contestants are tasked with cooking their own version of a Southern staple which will be judged by chef Chris Hastings. 7/16

Series 16, Episode 8

BBC Lifestyle

A change leaves the chefs in shock as they prepare to host the International Ballroom Invitational. 8/16

Series 16, Episode 9

BBC Lifestyle

For this challenge, the chefs tackle the Blind Taste Test - but in a twist, they must determine the taste of pureed baby foods! 9/16

Series 16, Episode 10

BBC Lifestyle

The chefs must make an assortment of sliders - lamb, beef, poultry, seafood and pork - and Chef Ramsay leads them outside to determine their ingredients. 10/16

Series 16, Episode 11

BBC Lifestyle

In the challenge, "I'll taste it, you make it", each of the remaining eight chefs pair up and recreate one of Chef Ramsay's signature dishes. 11/16

Series 16, Episode 12

BBC Lifestyle

In this episode the challenge is about Fusion cuisine. Each team spins their wheel to determine what two cuisines they will be fusing. 12/16