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Starring the multi-award-winning comedy duo David Mitchell and Robert Webb

The British Embassy is a corner of a foreign field that is forever England. Keith Davis is the newly appointed ambassador to Tazbekistan – a corrupt, oil-rich ex-Soviet state ruled by a terrifying elected despot known affectionately as the 'Prez'.

Davis is heavily reliant on his small, overworked team: Neil Tilly, the deputy ambassador, who has very different views on what the mission should be; Caitlin, the no-nonsense head of consular who knows there's nothing too stupid that a British tourist won't give a try; Isabel, the trade secretary, who annoys everyone with her naked ambition and POD aka the Prince of Darkness, his boss back in London, who constantly plagues him with contradictory orders delivered via videoconferencing.

Davis lives in the embassy residence with wife Jennifer who is brilliant at rescuing him from tricky diplomatic situations, which is lucky because whether it's flogging attack helicopters, dealing with royalty or rescuing idiotic Brits from death row, there are plenty of chances to make a career-ending blunder.

With this lot in charge there's no way Britain will lose it's influence in the world – is there?



Keith Davis

Played by David Mitchell

Keith Davis is the recently-arrived British ambassador to Tazbekistan.

This is his third posting as an ambassador and Keith is making steady but not spectacular progress up the career ladder at the Foreign Office.

Keith is highly educated, high-minded and ambitious. He is capable of being both whimsical and forensic, but his innate caution also brings about a tendency towards inaction.


Neil Tilly

Played by Robert Webb

Neil Tilly is the deputy head of mission and the embassy number two. He is fluent in Russian and is an expert on Central Asia.

Neil is in love with Tanya who runs the local bar. She's self-reliant and uncompromising, but also passionate and great fun. To Neil, she represents everything that’s good about Tazbekistan.

Neil is more politically idealistic than some of his colleagues and is an excellent manager of the team, inspiring loyalty at the embassy.

But there’s also something furtive in him...


Jennifer Davis

Played by Keeley Hawes

Jennifer is Keith's wife. She lives in the embassy residence which she says is a bit like "living above the shop".

She helps organise the embassy's endless list of social events – anything from hosting intimate dinners for visiting UK VIPs to showcasing the best of British at large events for local dignitaries.

When she's not organising social events though, Jennifer has her own career as a doctor. She is lucky she can find work in whichever country they are posted in.

The couple have a 13-year-old daughter who is back in the UK at boarding school, which is tough on Jennifer.



Played by Susan Lynch

Caitlin is head of consular affairs and oversees visas, passports and tourists in trouble.

She’s Scottish, tough and streetwise and has low expectations of everyone.



Played by Shivani Ghai

Natalia oversees embassy communication and IT.

She’s a local and is always immaculately dressed compared to the Brits. Her English is really good, if a little ‘learned’.

She loves working with the British, but their cultural foibles and sense of humour sometimes confuses her. But she keeps on trying...



Played by Amara Karan

Political attaché Isabel has recently arrived in Tazbekistan, like Keith.

Her naked ambition and relentless energy sometimes ruffles a few feathers, especially Neil’s.

Isabel doesn’t really care what people think of her and she needs to understand that charm is a big part of successful diplomacy, but she is clever enough to learn from her mistakes.

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