Bad Education

Starts Tuesday 27 October at 20:00

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Back to school

Alfie Wickers likes to think of himself as a maverick teacher, a charmer and cool dude who has a unique relationship with his pupils.

In reality though, Alfie has joined Abbey Grove School straight from teacher training and is making it up as he goes along, relying on his misguided sense of cunning and his poorly developed ability to lie and cheat.

Alfie’s class of troubled teens both love and despise him in equal measure and relations with his fellow teachers aren’t any easier.

This is school life as you've never seen it before...


Bad Education S2

Alfie Wickers

Played by Jack Whitehall

Newly qualified teacher Alfie is closer in age to the kids in his class than he is to the other teachers in the staffroom. Ironically, he's also a bigger kid than his students.

He loves teaching history to Form K but sometimes his childish desires, pastimes and general laziness get in the way.

His clever plans to get maximum results with minimal effort are unfortunately never quite as clever as he thinks.

The kids love and despair of him in equal measure as he stumbles from one disaster to the next.

Bad Education S2


Played by Mathew Horne

Head teacher Fraser thinks he's down with the kids, but in reality, he’s actually a bit of an idiot.

What matters most to Fraser is looking and sounding good and being popular. Unfortunately he achieves none of these.

As Fraser bounds from one half-baked scheme to another, the actual day-to-day running of the school often takes a back seat.

He really likes Alfie as he sees him as the only teacher on his wavelength. Hence Alfie manages to wrap him round his finger as Pickwell, Miss Gulliver and many of the other staff stand back and watch in dismay.

Bad Education S2

Miss Gulliver

Played by Sarah Solemani

Miss Gulliver teaches biology and is the sole voice of reason in the madness of the Abbey Grove staffroom.

She's sweet and well meaning, as well as being extremely attractive, which means that all the male staff flock around her, especially Alfie.

She's passionate about education and cares deeply for the pupils and their welfare.

Recently split from her boyfriend, she’s showing little sign of being interested in Alfie. She thinks the age difference is a problem; it's only 10 years, but he is a very young 23.

Bad Education S2


Played by Nikki Runeckles

Chantelle is in love with Alfie. Well, she’s in love with quite a few guys actually.

She delights in asking Alfie the most detailed biological questions just so she can watch him blush.

She knows she's sexy and she loves to use and abuse it for her own ends.

Frustratingly, the one person that doesn't fall for it is Alfie.

Bad Education S2


Played by Kae Alexander

Sensible, responsible and longing for a decent education, Jing is a Chinese student who has somehow ended up in Alfie’s class and she can’t stand it.

She finds Alfie’s antics tiresome and often chooses to speak in Chinese in order to vent her frustrations with him.

She is the one person in the class who’s always right, but is sadly never listened to.

Bad Education S2


Played by Ethan Lawrence

Joe is the class geek and Alfie's best mate and confidante.

He is the kid who’s most likely to be bullied and picked on, and so Alfie alternates between sticking up for him and roping him in to whatever scheme he’s got going on.

As a result, poor Joe regularly finds himself in the most humiliating positions all for the sake of saving Alfie's skin.

Bad Education S2


Played by Charlie Wernham

Mitchell is the class wide boy.

He isn’t afraid to make a joke at the expense of anyone in the class (including Alfie).

He’s always on hand with a foul-mouthed comment or a threat of physical violence and when those aren’t shocking enough, he’ll simply make up any old story to enhance his reputation as someone not to be messed with.

Bad Education S2

Rem Dogg

Jack Binstead

Rem Dogg may be in a wheelchair, but he's quite capable of standing up for himself. And with classmates like Mitchell, he’d have to be.

He’s always up for taking on any of the challenges that Alfie – or anyone else in the class – throws at him.

Bad Education S2


Layton Williams

Camp, colourful and master of the one-man musical, Stephen is a teenage boy who’s not afraid to reveal his theatrical side.

He might find himself the butt of many jokes but he doesn’t care – he’s got Chantelle for company and he’s quite happy.

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