Doctor Who

Series 9From Saturday 24 October at 18:00

About the show

Adventures in space and time

Peter Capaldi returns as the Doctor alongside Jenna Coleman and guests including Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams.

Now that the Doctor and Clara have established a dynamic as a partnership of equals, their bond is stronger than ever – and they’re relishing the fun and thrills that all of space and time has to offer.

Tangling with ghosts, Vikings and the ultimate evil of the Daleks, they embark on their biggest adventures yet.

With his revamped look and rock ‘n’ roll attitude to match, the Doctor is ready to stand against any monster who threatens the Universe.

Missy is back to plague him once more, the Zygons inspire fear as they shape-shift into human clones, and a new arrival moves in cosmic ways...

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