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Make everyday meals that much more exciting!

Justine Drake, editor of Pick n Pay’s Fresh Living magazine, hosts the second series of her popular cooking show that focuses on everyday family dishes for the time and cash-strapped cook.


Justine, herself a working mom of two, constantly has to balance work, family and individual tastes to keep everyone happy, healthy and fed. In Just Cooking she uses her 25 years of working in the food world to bring home just how easy it is to use easily available supermarket produce, and breathe life and creativity into South African family favourites.


Learn clever ways to give roast chicken a new twist, how to turn a rice and potatoes into a host of gourmet treats or what to whip up for Sunday lunch during the cold winter months, as well as getting creative with everyday dishes – from tomato soup and macaroni cheese to roast lamb and beef burgers.


Just Cooking - S2

Justine Drake

South African foodie and well-known wizard in the kitchen, Justine Drake, has worked magic in the food-media industry for over 20 years. Having written five books and edited several magazines, her culinary adventures have left many tantalized.

She received her first big break with her column The Busy Cook in Fair Lady magazine, which later consolidated into her first international cookbook. Justine moved to become the food editor of a number of popular magazine titles including Men’s Health, Shape and Discovery Vitality. Her run as editor of Eat In Food Directory garnered acclaim, and whilst at the helm, saw her launch the Eat In Small Producer Awards.

Her accomplishments aren’t just limited to print, Justine has presented and co-produced the BBC television series Just in Africa, which enjoyed both local and international success.

Today Justine breathes life into the pages as editor of the multi-award winning Pick n Pay customer magazine Fresh Living, for which she received the Pica Editor of the Year and Best Customer Magazine awards in 2012.

And if all of these kitchen conquests haven’t left you hungry for more, she is also festival director of the South African Taste Festivals held annually in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and PE.

“I eat and drink for living, so how bad can it be?!” says Justine. “As long as you don’t take yourself or food too seriously you’ll always have fun – and that, I think, is what life is all about.”

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