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A family like no other

Combining the charm of a sitcom with the candour of reality TV, Life is Toff visits Britain’s most infamous aristocratic family: the Fulfords.

Masters of the 3,000-acre Great Fulford estate in rural Devon, the Fulfords are the UK’s most chaotic and loveable blue-bloods. And now there’s a new generation coming of age.

This series tells intimate and surprising stories from the private lives of the Fulford family, across an extraordinary and momentous year.

Having turned 21, heir to the estate and future head of the family Arthur faces up to the burden of running the estate and all that entails.

His siblings also face an uncertain future: their fairytale childhood is coming to an end. For the first time, Matilda, Humphrey and Edmund are contemplating the challenges of life beyond the ancient walls of Great Fulford, including the need to make their own money.

Overseeing everything is their father, Francis. Bluff and opinionated, he is the quintessential English eccentric. “Dogs and children are very similar”, he says, “and I’ve gone about raising my children in the same way as I raised my dogs... which is probably not very well”.

Full of warmth, humour and standout characters, Life is Toff is television you don’t want to miss.

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