Made in Chelsea

Starts Sunday 28 January at 21:00

Loaded with problems, but money isn't one.

Show Synopsis

This reality series follows the highs and lows of one of London’s richest and most fabulous friendships groups, many of whom are heirs and heiresses to some of the most well known global brands including Bentley cars.

Follow the young and beautiful, as they experience their hearts being broken, falling out with best friends over something ‘she’ said and going for brunch at any time of day, to simply to catch up on all the latest gossip.

They are just like us – with one big difference, they’re loaded with problems, but money isn’t one.

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About the Series

Series 12 takes you to the front line of the divide between the girls in Chelsea’s most exclusive clique. It’s battle of the blondes – Tiffany (Tiff) and Toff have an ongoing feud over class clown Sam - Tiff’s commitment-phobe boyfriend and Toff’s longstanding good friend.

Girl next door Binky tests the boundaries with her relationship with Josh (JP) causing a confrontation between her friends, including the slightly dramatic Ollie, as they offer her some tough love.

As well as this, new girl to the group, Olivia Bentley, starts a romance with former model Fred. And a new rivalry emerges between Sam (already the centre of the girl group’s feud) and the descendant of English cricket royalty – Julius, a singer song writer whose arrival causes quite a stir amongst the girls.