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Extreme eating

Documentary series in which two extreme eaters – one very overweight and the other severely underweight – swap diets in an attempt to change the way they view food and eating.

In the feeding clinic this time is Caribbean chef Gary Tomlin, who tips the scales at 137kg (21st 8lb), and Amy Simons, whose meal-skipping bad habits see her weigh in at 52kg (8st 3lb). Later, 34-year-old serial dieter Joanne Allan, who weighs in at 123kg (19st 5lb), meets 20-year-old fizzy drink addict Guy Sykes, in a swap that's packed with drama and tears.

Thirty-four-year-old junk food addict Jackie Kenworthy meets 70-year-old great-grandmother Beth Edwards, who lives on a diet of egg and toast. Later, takeaway fan Charlene Shattock, who weighs in at 140kg (22st), meets sugary tea addict Mick Wickes, who survives on one tiny meal a day.

Next in the feeding clinic, Joseph, a honey nut cereal addict who weighs in at 143kg (22st 7lb), swaps meals with breakfast-skipping runner Rebecca, who weighs in at just 48kg (7st 7lb).

Can they all change the way they view food and eating before it's too late?


Supersize vs Superskinny - Profile

Christian Jessen

Born in London in 1977, Christian graduated with a master's degree in general medicine, infectious disease, travel medicine and sexual health/HIV from University College London in 2000.

He lived and worked in Kenya and Uganda for two years, during which time he taught in schools and researched malaria and HIV interactions in children.

In addition to flexing his medical know-how as presenter of such popular TV series as Embarrassing Bodies and Supersize vs Superskinny, Christian works as a GP and sexual health specialist for the private medical group Doctorcall on London’s Harley Street.

He is a medical advisor and columnist for Closer magazine, writes a weekly health column for the Evening Standard newspaper and pens a monthly column for Top Santé magazine. Christian has also authored and published an impressive library of health-related books, including Can I Just Ask?: The 250+ Curious Questions That Off-Duty Doctors Are Most Often Asked.

Off-screen, Christian enjoys foreign travel, working out (he’s VERY fit), music and art. Unbeknown to many, he is actually an accomplished oboist and occasionally performs publicly.

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