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About the show

Urban music drama

Youngers follows a group of south-east London teenagers aiming to become the next big thing on the urban music scene.

When friends Yemi and Jay collect their GCSE results, it's good news for one of them and not so good news for the other. But a twist of fate soon changes their fortunes.

Jay receives a leaflet about a local music competition and the two friends pay to go and perform. Despite being enlisted as 'youngers' on the performance sheet by a grumpy receptionist, they deliver an excellent performance, and slowly, rise to the top of the music charts.

However, the higher they get the more problems emerge, and slowly, the group starts to fade away.

Can they handle the pressure? Will new love come between old friends?




Played by Calvin Demba

Jay is a lad’s lad who's been best friends with Yemi since primary school.

He's a charmer and when it comes to girls, he's a self-confessed addict and a bit of a ladykiller.

Jay is impulsive and he's led in life by his passions.

He refuses to be seen as just a teenager or younger. He believes he is the next big thing and he’s just waiting for the rest of the world to see it.



Played by Ade Oyefeso

Mild-mannered and humble Yemi is Jay's long-suffering best friend.

He's a talented music producer with big dreams, but he's cautious.

He's torn between trying to make it in the music industry and going to college to keep his mum happy.

But he's learning fast that he shouldn't allow people to take his meekness for weakness.



Played by Shavani Seth

Davina is a south London girl who's passionate about singing and urban music.

Davina is graceful and very determined. She refuses to let the heavily male-dominated music scene stop her from pursuing her dreams.

She is sassy and has a lot of attitude, but she lacks confidence. She covers her insecurities by hiding behind her proper boss-lady persona, The Diva.

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