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The Moaning of Life


The Moaning of LifeThe Moaning of Life

After travelling around the world to see the 'Seven Wonders', experiencing the ultimate things to do before you die, and going on an epic journey following in Marco Polo's footsteps, Karl Pilkington is about to embark on a new series of madcap travels, but this time he’s going on journeys of self discovery.

Now Karl's turned 40 and has officially hit middle age, it’s time for him to re-assess his life. He's not married, he doesn’t have kids, he's got a job where he’s known as an 'idiot', and he’s known for being miserable. He's classic 'mid-life crisis' material. Karl's journeys will take him criss-crossing around the world, as he finds out how different people and cultures approach life. In the ultimate field trip, he’ll not only pick up advice from them, but will also get involved in their lives.